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Galway's original Sushi


In 2002, with the help of Sheridans Cheesemongers,  the history of Kappa-ya started. Original Maki Sushi at Saturday Market in Galway spread through word of mouth, over 400 freshly made Maki Sushi in the Sheridans Cheesemongers Kitchen were sold per day within few months.




On Middle Street


December 2005, the restaurant Kappa-ya had official opening ceremony on Middle Street by Mr. Robert Molloy (former minister of state) and Mr. Keiichi Hayashi (former Japanese ambassador to Ireland). A small restaurant with 20 seats filled up with fragrant of newly invented original Teriyaki sauce and Dashi stock with Katsuobushi and Kombu... 






Sake & Kappa-ya

September 2006, Japanese Sake and Kappa-ya's meal pairing event was held at Kappa-ya by Japanese embassy in Ireland. All guests including Ms. Darina Allen enjoyed the pairing menu and Sake lecture by Mr. Kuheiji Hisano...


Japanese-Celtic in Japan


Involved in the event hosted by Mr. Ryuichiro Masuda at Masuda Shuzo-ten in Toama, Japan. Various Sake and Wine were paired with Kappa-ya's dishes. Mr. John Neary (former Irish ambassador to Japan) admitted that Kappa-ya's contributes to developing new gastronomy "Japanese-Celtic" in Ireland



The Present and The Future


Kappa-ya was invited to join "Good France 2015" the event led by the French government to celebrate French gastronomy worldwide. 1500 restaurants in 150 countries were involved, and each of them created an innovative menu with the mission to share, pleasure, respect for good food and for the planet.





Kappa-ya is not only an ordinary Japanese cuisine, and not a fusion restaurant either. We are “Japanese-Celtic” restaurant. Junichi Yoshiyagawa landed in Ireland in 2002 with a passion for Washoku. He has developed his own dishes and cooking style a little by little for over the years, also Kappa-ya has been brought up by local people, Galwegians since then. We are now established as “Japanese-Celtic” restaurant. Galway is our home town, Galway is always in our heart.



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